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John Harris has been manufacturing damascus stock since 2004.  He has developed his own techniques that were built upon the styles and processes used by Jim Ferguson.  John's damascus is primarily forged from 1095 steel and nickel 200.  To create the proper patterns and thickness of the bars, John alternates about 240 to 260 layers of steel and nickel.  Depending on the desired patterns, John will either use various patterned dies or twist methods to achieve the end result he is wanting in the billet.  The layered billet is flat welded using the forge and John's 57-ton press.  Each bar is then treated and surface ground.  The bars are then ready for use and can be cut, drilled, filed, ground, and finished.  There is no material for blades as beautiful as nickel and twisted nickel damascus.  The various patterns you can get with John Harris' damascus will allow you to achieve the exact look you want for your custom knife.

Each bar is typically 12" - 18" long and 2-1/2" wide; however, custom lengths and shapes can be made to order.

Available patterns include Random Ladder, Pool & Eye, and Turkish Delight

Damascus Bar Stock Available for Purchase:

Prices start at about $200 for 12" bars and each additional inch is approximately $20, but can vary depending on the required work for longer bars.  Prices will also vary by pattern and material. 

Damascus can also be purchased by the inch if you have smaller projects in mind. 

Please call or email for more details or to order.


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